Organizer’s highlights

Improve your focus and productivity by planning daily tasks with family and friends.


Maintain a healthy work-life balance and reach your highest potential with a clear structure of the day.


Well-organized daily schedule

Boost your focus and productivity with the planner organizer app. A well-ordered list of your plans won't give you a chance to forget something. So, no more long searches for tomorrow's plans in some worn paper notebook or chaotic phone notes. From now on, you'll proudly open the hubmee app and find any task and event you need in one click.

Recurrence and priority

Keep everything in one app. Monthly shopping, weekly family dinner, meeting with friends, work Zoom calls – schedule it in Planner. Choose the priority of the task you have to do immediately. Different colors will help your friends or colleagues to understand the importance level of the job. Use a recurrence tool for things you have to do constantly and watch you build more good habits every next two weeks. This is how we build habits in hubmee!

Shared tasks and status updates

Common tasks with people of your heart let you be closer to them and stay up-to-date. Adding task statuses helps to see a wholesome picture of your day. You'll get things done on time by planning together. Having a proper schedule makes it easy to get extra hours in your day for your friends and family. Enjoy!

Event’s types

Create events on any occasion. Set up work Google meetings and weekly online calls with friends from abroad in one minute. Just add people you want to meet online, fill in the link for the future meeting, and get a notification 10 min before the event starts. Creating meetings in person is easy, too - add people, location and set the time. Write a short description if there is a need. Voila, the job is done.


Monitor your progress and get things done faster than ever with an easy-to-follow task-tracking system.


Task roadmap

Turn your aspirations into real progress with our online planner and organizer. In short, you will increase flexibility in the workflow. The Tasks tab also helps reduce backlogs. After adding people to the task, they will see at what stage of completing it you are. Now, building strategies will become easier by working together.

Checklists, comments and notes

Add checklists, notes, and comments to avoid forgetting anything. Keep all the great ideas, suggestions and corrections in the task and get quick access to any small detail related to things you have to do.


Filters will help you to separate your own assignments from common ones. The user-friendly interface of the hubmee app gives you a chance to get your things done quickly.

Status check

With hubmee, you will create a bold vision of your strategic goals. Then, track the progress of your task at every step. Watch your job move towards its logical conclusion. Change task statuses, moving them to columns with a computer mouse or fingers. Access to your colleagues' tasks improves your overall understanding of the team's progress.


Keep deferred tasks in one place or leave notes and ideas that will help you finish tasks in the future.


No deadline necessary

Work peacefully and enjoy the study process without any rush. If you don't have any specific deadline, set one in the process. So, you'll be no more tired of the scary due dates. You'll also have all tasks you need in Backlog and see the wholesome picture of the job to do. Reduce stress - use Backlog.

Share, add notes and comments

Share tasks from Backlog with your friends to complete the job faster than ever. Click select members and choose someone from your Network in hubmee to add others to your task. Then all assignees you gave the right to edit can add photos, documents, notes, and comments. Now, you can also add checklists, so you and your friends can cross the completed job out.

Everything is connected

Everything in hubmee is connected with each other. Therefore moving tasks from Backlog to Planner doesn't take much time. I promise. All you need to do is change the task status to anything except "Backlog," and it will automatically go to your Planner. The action works both ways. So, you can always change your mind and get things back as they were.

Search using filters

Search tasks in Backlog quickly! The well-designed filter system will make your time in hubmee comfortable and carefree. Use a few simple filters to help you sort your tasks and manage them.


Add more structure to your life! See the future ... events, work tasks and don't miss any of them.


Snapshot of all events in a month

Get all your appointments, birthdays, and monthly shopping in perfect order. Watch a wholesome picture of your month with Calendar. So, no more long searches for tomorrow's plans in some worn paper notebook or chaotic phone notes. From now on, you'll proudly open the hubmee app and find any task and event you need in one click.

Status updates and filters

Add more structure to planning using different statuses. They help to see the whole picture more clearly. You will easily track all your future plans and add new ones anytime you need. Calendar suits people with a busy schedule and who want to spend less time planning things. hubmee app is quick and easy to use. Test it yourself and watch extra hours appear in your day!

Details matter

Get a perfect calendar by adding description, photos, and checklists so you won't miss any important detail. This way, you'll make any event clear not only for yourself but for all attendees. And, of course, there will be no need to explain anything twice. It'll save you so much time having everything in one place.

Recurrence and priority

Watch you build more good habits every next two weeks using a recurrence tool for things you want to do constantly. We are always here for you to add good habits to your routine. You can also choose the priority of the task you have to do immediately. In common tasks, different colors will help your friends or colleagues understand the job's importance level.


Enjoy crossing items off your lists. Get quick access to all your notes and lists, including shopping, work and more.


Get things done quickly

Enjoy completing things one by one, starting with grocery lists and ending with work to-dos. With hubmee, you can make even large and overwhelming projects manageable. Also, you get more done by focusing on high-value activities. Once you have a list of things you need to do, buy or write, it's much easier to get them done. So you'll always be working on the right things.


Use templates to create checklists faster. There's no need to invent things you already get in hubmee. Templates will save you much time, so you will increase productivity, use time wisely, and improve time management and workflow. And most importantly, you won't forget a thing by keeping everything in one app.

Convert checklists to tasks

Everything in our organizer planner app is connected, which means you can make a task out of a checklist. And its items will automatically go to the checklist section of the task. In the same way, you can make a task out of any item by itself. Less effort from your side - still more things done. Sounds just perfect!


Share cleaning, party and work lists with your friends and watch everything gets done even faster. Completing things together helps you build stronger relationships with your friends, family, and colleagues.


Thanks to the Archive capability, no useless information is clogging your brains or schedules.


Leave completed tasks behind

Use the archive tool to create a good order in your schedule. You can use it with any task and event in hubmee. Thanks to the Archive capability, no useless information clogs your brain or schedule. Archive's main purpose is to elevate your comfort by giving you more space without unnecessary information.

Auto mode

The archive has manual and auto modes; you can decide which one to use. Auto Archive's simplicity won't leave a chance to spend more than a few minutes to get how it works. After turning Auto Archive on, all tasks will be archived within 15 or 30 days after you complete them.

Manual Archive

Are you more into doing everything by yourself? Then Manual Archive is the right decision for you. Choose between tasks you want to return to (for some photos from a trip, for example) and tasks you want to do away with. Switching Archive modes from manual to automatic and vice versa is a one-second thing.

Search easily

Archived tasks and events are sorted by different filters: date, task, text, and event. You can turn filters off and revert to "all" at any time - the list of all things you archived before.

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    Get more space to store your documents and photos. Divide them into folders to have quick access.

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