Track every essential part of your life in one app. Get things under control with a personal manager app - hubmee.


Garage hub

Quickly access your vehicle information. With Hubmee, you will make your car last longer.

Garage hub

Use AI tools

Let Hubmee save your time by scanning your insurance card, which will allow the app to retrieve your vehicle's general info and insurance main data from open sources though the internet. Now taking care of your car is easier than ever.

Quick access to your car information

In Garage Hub, you can add any essential detail about your car, from your license plate stickers to general information and beyond. Access to your car data in just one click.

Share easily

You can share car details with your network and be sure about your personal data is safe because we care about your privacy. What you add in Hubmee - stays in Hubmee.

License and Vehicle Stickers

Don't let a busy schedule be the reason you forget car payments or potentially face fines. The best thing you can do for your peace of mind is to provide your license details and let Hubmee handle the rest.


Access your family contact information, appearance, and body art quickly. Strengthen family bonds and build a sense of connection.


Contact information

Help your colleagues contact you quickly and easily. Add your contact information, such as phone number, email, and home address. It will help your colleagues reach out to you for work-related communication and collaboration. Don’t worry, this information is visible only to people added to your Network. So only you choose who can see it.

Body art information

Got any tattoos or piercings? Fill in general information, such as: salon, artist, and price. Quick access to salon and artist contacts will help schedule future appointments or reach out to the artist to know more about aftercare.


Now, you don’t have to remember every tiny detail about your family and friends. Find everything you need in their hubmee profiles. It works the same way for your friends and family members. Knowing your clothing size, eye color, and preferred styles will help your loved ones choose gifts you will appreciate.

General information

General information can be helpful for your family to collect all the necessary data and treat you according to your hobbies and contacts. Hubmee will also remind you about upcoming birthdays of your connections and contacts, sending notifications five days in advance and on the day itself.

Coming Soon

  • Pets hub

    Treat your pets like family members. Perfect for both newbies and experienced pet owners.

  • Work hub

    Track your career progress with hubmee. Perfect for people who want to add structure to current work or hunting for a job.

  • Property hub

    Take your household management under control. Organize your utility bills and track all future payments.

  • Education hub

    Improve your learning skills and study efficiently. Perfect for both university students and experienced professionals.

  • Family hub

    Create a secure area where you can store important family documents and memories. Foster stronger family ties and cultivate a feeling of togetherness.

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