hubmee users are not just our customers and mere recipients of our service, but also accomplished individuals who set specific goals and achieve them every day. They lead inspiring lives, and sometimes their biographies are so unique and unusual that we can’t help but think: it's just impossible! 

  Let us present to you the story of a young and ambitious girl Svetlana. It’s a story about how one person effortlessly combines beauty, intelligence, and the ability to tirelessly work on herself. 

Who am I?

  My name is Svitlana. I am a 19-year-old student. Despite my young age, I managed to achieve my most important goals, which I consider to be a reason for pride. Although I’m still a college student, I am also successfully progressing in my line of work as a marketer. In addition, I actively participate in my university's social activities because I feel that my purpose is to help people deal with various problems and issues. My empathy and strong sense of purpose help me stay creative and make better decisions.

My strengths

  I have excellent communication skills because I can easily connect with others. Thanks to this, I can be both a leader and a team player. What’s more, my desire to learn and explore new things always leads me to significant changes and self-growth. That is why I am now actively pursuing a career in marketing and developing professionally. 

My spare time

  I'm not the kind of person who will use their free time to lie on the couch or spend the evening at a restaurant. Of course, these are great stress relieving activities; however, my soul longs for new emotions, so I prefer to attend various workshops, participate in adventure games, and have friends over at my place. When you gain practical knowledge and learn new things while doing something fun, these memories remain forever in your memory.

hubmee in my life

  hubmee has become an integral part of my life. Thanks to this great tool, I no longer need to use dozens of applications all at once and try to remember which one I just added a note to. hubmee has become irreplaceable for me and it combines everything I need, saving me a lot of time and reducing unnecessary stress. hubmee’s creators have put their soul into the app, and I feel it every time I use it. 

My wishes

  I would recommend all hubmee users to listen to themselves and not be afraid to try new things! Proper time management and quality planning will help you transform your lives and get a good grasp on your daily routine. Success certainly requires a lot of effort and efficient planning is a great way to minimize stress in such situations. 

  The hubmee team is proud of our incredible users. Your stories motivate us to grow and inspire us to try new things.