Have you already activated our Garage Hub? Trust us, you have never seen anything like it. It’s a completely new feature that can help alleviate your headaches associated with insurance or license payments. From now on, these burdens lay on our shoulders.

And even if you don't have a car, no one can stop you from dreaming a little about your future purchase. That is why we’ve put together an easy quiz to help you determine which car is best for you based on your lifestyle and unique personality type.

        1.The hard work week is over, you have done pretty good. The  weekend is almost here. What are your plans?

        a) I will spend the weekend with my family, maybe have a picnic. hubmee will help me organize it.

       b) Weekend? I need to plan an important business meeting with partners

       c) I plan to stay home and enjoy my favorite Netflix show 

       2. What should always be in your car?

       a) It will be something warm, because it will always come in handy

       b) Power bank and charger to stay connected

       c) It seems that I can fit everything in my car, because I always approach this issue with the utmost diligence

     3. Who is sitting in the passenger seat next to you?

     а) My loved one, because we always like to spend time together

     b) I usually travel for business alone

     c) I have a real party in my car with a lot of friends

     4. What music do you normally listen to while driving?

     a) I often listen to the news while driving, so I don’t miss anything important

     b) I love listening to music, but silence allows me to ponder upon my future

     c) I prefer calm music, so I don’t get distracted while driving

      5. How would you describe yourself as a driver?

      a) An attentive driver who follows all the rules

      b) I love speed, but I try to be careful

      c) If I break the rules, it’s purely by accident

     6. What is important to you in your car?

     a) The look, because the car is not just a means of transportation, but a real work of art

     b) It’s a safe space where I can feel free and confident

     c) Fuel economy, because I use my car solely for travel purposes.

     7. Do you have a favorite gadget in your car, something you can’t imagine your car without?

     а) The navigator is what you need in the car

     b) A GPS video recorder that will allow you to receive real-time data               

     c) What kind of question is it? Of course it’s the smartest hubmee organizer. It has never let me down in important situations.

Yoohoo. So fast? In fact, that’s enough to take a sneak peek at your dream car. Let's analyze your answers. We can’t wait to see your results.


Mostly A – The Hatchback is a great car for a small family. hubmee knows how much you love comfort and practicality. You have picnics quite often and love being outdoors, so this car is what you have been looking for.

Mostly B – In life and on the road we are dealing with a highly responsible person. You are someone who values time and behaves confidently in different situations. A sports car is the car of your dreams.

Mostly C – You are the ultimate multitasker, that’s why an SUV would be the perfect choice for you. You’re truly committed to an active lifestyle!