Solve your car problems together with Garage Hub

The latest hubmee update includes new features and lots of fixes to make your experience better than ever.

Today, using a personal example of a man named John, we would like to tell you about all the benefits of using the Garage Hub. We assure you that you are just one step away from solving many problems related to vehicle payments and other issues. Are you ready to dive into it? Ready, steady, go!

 Who is John? And why does he need a Garage Hub?

John is a young and optimistic guy who loves football and watching TV series. John recently bought a car. He had long dreamed of it. Now he’s looking for a good service that would solve all his car-related problems and will be able to interact with him at all times. He doesn’t give up so easily. At last, he found hubmee and now his dilemma is solved. He thinks that it's a good place to only store information, but he still doesn't know about all the incredible features that hubmee has to offer him and other customers.

Where does he find the Garage Hub? How does it work?

John goes to the main page of the planner and presses the Add Hubs button. From now on, his life will never be the same! Do you want to experience the same liberating feeling?

Just follow the instructions below.


  • Open Garage and fill in any relevant information about your car. This will allow you to safely keep the entire basic history of the vehicle in one place, including not only basic information, but also photos and documents. Highly recommend you to pay attention to all fields. It is very important for you as the owner of this car.  hubmee is a safe place that is second to none.

  • Share general info with anyone.

If you are not the sole owner of the car or just want to share information with someone you trust, you can do so at any time.

Here you can also give this person or a group of people the right to edit or view. You’re in control.


  • Using the Garage tab will become even more convenient when you fill in the information about your vehicle’s insurance.  



  • Fill in the main information about your insurance and enter any data you might need, from policy number to payment due day.

       Don’t forget to add the front and back pictures of your insurance card.

  • Enter the payment amount for the two options in the Deductibles.   

  • Contacts of the insurance agency will always be conveniently arranged along with other data about your vehicle.

  • Don’t forget to add contacts and any related information about a particular agent.


  • When it comes to the rules and safety we can’t afford to have gaps. hubmee takes care of its customers. How to use License Stickers? Just a couple of minutes and these stickers can help you validate and complete your plate renewal registration process. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Fill in the basic information and add relevant data about the resident.

  • Add any important files; they are in safe hands of hubmee.

  •  Are you worried about parking problems? There’s a way out of this situation for you. Trust us, we have thought of everything in advance.Just start using Vehicle stickers and forget about problems forever.

 What problems will Garage help you solve?


  •  Save you time.

    Forget about wasting your time trying to gather all the documents. You can easily use hubmee to access your car's history in mere seconds with just a few clicks. Believe us, it will always come in handy.

  • Alleviate fear of fines.

     We know that late payments and fines can ruin your day. And we know that you are very busy and it might be difficult for you to keep all the information in your head. hubmee rushes to the rescue to save you and your nerves. We made sure that you can always keep track of all the important payment processes. We want to see you happy.

  • Reduce stress.

     It might be overwhelming to think about the payments and where to find  the right platform to store all your important information. You can trust us, because we guarantee safety and reliability. We will protect your data.