Labor day 2022

- Knock-knock, it's autumn depression.

- Sorry, you weren't invited.

That's right, bad mood stands no chance here! Autumn gives us the perfect opportunity to start this cozy new season with a celebration. We’re talking about Labor Day! Thank yourself for working hard and show your loved ones that they deserve some relaxation too. If you were looking for a sign to have a party, this is it. Planning something fun doesn't sound right when we say it out loud. But it needs to be done, so at least you will know who among your friends is allergic to peanuts.

Setting the party up

 First of all, it’s not a task you should take too seriously – grab some friends and plan the event together. In this case, you can decide on some crucial items more efficiently. The first thing to choose: do you prefer casual parties or are you into making them more unique by adding a main theme or a dress code? Discuss it with your friends and after choosing among all the options - half of the work is already done. The only part left for those who don’t want extra fanfare is making a playlist and writing a grocery list. To keep everything in one place and to be sure everybody has received a notification about the date, location, etc. - plan your party with hubmee.

Party themes and ideas

 Yoohoo! We can see you wanna have real fun on Labor Day! The theme for this occasion can be literally anything. It could be a color-themed party, a movie-themed party, board games evening, silly talents show, etc. But the king of laughter and joy is the Powerpoint night party. It will surely amuse all guests, especially those playing the first time. The rules are simple: you and all your friends have to prepare funny Powerpoint presentations and show them at the party. Imagine yourself a TED speaker, but a hilarious one. Let your imagination roam free after picking something out from our list below.

Powerpoint party ideas

  • I predict my friends' future

  • TV show my friends would shine in

  • Things I hate: change my mind

  • Why birds are scary

  • What type of girls\boys would my friends be (if it was possible to wake up one morning and become another gender)

  • Things I learned from Facebook\Іnstagram\Twitter

  • Proof that Santa does exist

  • My friends as food

  • Basic things that I just don't understand

  • Things I like but no one else does

  • Top 10 items from my childhood

 Write the list in the comments of the event you created with hubmee and let your friends choose from it. Happy Labor Day! Let's celebrate together.