Meet the fantastic four: Roadmap, Events, Garage, and Backlog (spoiler alert! the number will increase soon). For those who are visiting hubmee for the first time - congratulations and welcome! We are happy to present the best online planner ever - hubmee. Now, let’s answer some of the questions you might have. Such as: “What are the Hubs? Why do I need them? Why is the blog so cool? I want to leave good feedback!” I mean, if you insist, I’ll be on cloud nine.

What are the Hubs and what are they for? 

   Hubs are extra features created to make a schedule for the week well-organized in order to trackyourprogress. A full picture of your work assignments helps you understand how things are going. So, you can soberly assess where you stand. This helps us set tangible goals. Most importantly - not wasting time on work you don’t need to do. The last point is actually the problem Hubs are solving. Hubs help you stay focused on essential parts of your life and are very easy to use. Now, let’s dig deeper. I know you need some dry facts. So, we’ll cut to the chase.


Roadmap is a tool that will help you create a bold vision of your strategic goals. It increases flexibility in your workflow and helps reduce backlogs. In short, it turns your aspirations into real progress. With Roadmap, you can set tasks for yourself, friends, family members, and colleagues. It works the same way with creating events. Roadmap Hub is for people who wish to focus on their career growth and want to have enough time both for work and rest. So, track the progress right on your phone or laptop with hubmee.

Additional functions:

  • Checklists - to check and mark the progress of tasks.

  • Notes - to mark important things and not miss anything.

  • Comments - to discuss the task with other users.

  • Recurrence box - to set up regular events and tasks.

  • Statuses - to mark completed tasks and attended events.

  • Filters - to identify the importance of assignments.

Users choice: works well in combination with Events.


Events Hub helps you plan time productively and evaluate the possibility of holding a meeting at a specific time. With our recurrence feature, you have the ability to schedule your repeating actions effectively. hubmee has thought of everything in advance. This Hub is perfect for those who plan family trips, interview people for work, are looking for a new job, or just like well-ordered lists of affairs.

How to set up an event on hubmee:

  • Come up with a name for your event.

  • Add some practical or fun description.

  • Choose your role: host or guest 

  • Indicate the format: online or offline.

  • Depending on your chosen format, either add a physical address or a link to an online meeting.

  • Choose the date & time of the event.

  • Add participants.

  • Attach files you and others might need at the event (such as documents for a trip, resume for a job interview, or decoration references for a party).


Garage Hub was created for easy tracking of all important payment processes and to store all the necessary information about any of your vehicles, from your car to a ship or a plane. You don’t have to keep everything in your head, in random phone notes, or on a piece of paper somewhere at home. Reminders about critical upcoming payments won’t let you forget to transfer money on time. Anytime you need your car insurance or any other information about your vehicle - here it is! The more details you add, the better. You can share information about your vehicle with your friends. However, no one can access your data without your permission.

What specific information you can add:

  • Vehicle type

  • Year of manufacture

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Exterior and interior colors

  • VIN number

  • License plate

  • Documents

  • Information about insurance (expiration date, monthly cost, and account balance)

  • And so much more…


Backlog Hub is an integral part of scheduling. All of us were in a situation where we had a lot to handle, and some tasks just didn’t fit. So, we put them off until later to gain more work experience or inspiration to finish them properly. Store all your assignments in Backlog and be sure they won’t get lost. However, you can get back to working on them by clicking “to do”. This hub is perfect for keeping deferred tasks in one place, saving all necessary information added to your assignment. My Backlog is full of ideas I used to think were great but not substantial enough to be brought to life. So, sometimes I scan the list, skim through the lines, and finally find a missing but essential part of the task/idea. 

Different functions for different cases:

  • Description - life-saver for creative people whose mind is always somewhere other than work.

  • Assignees - a perfect match for creating shared tasks with family and friends

  • Comments - for assigned friends or colleagues whose opinion is important to you.

  • Checklist - logical completion of the task or attended event (or for people like me, who feel satisfied when crossing things out. That’s why I always write grocery lists here).

  • Gallery - visualization of future events or references to your great ideas. You can let people see things exactly the way you see them.

You can finish this short introduction by trying our Hubs trial for free! Turn over a new page with hubmee, and feel free to leave your feedback. Your honest opinion truly matters to our team.