The wait is over! Our exciting updates and releases are finally here. Here’s what’s new: 

1. Roadmap: New status "Late".

  Now the new status will show if the task was not performed in time. It has become much easier to track the timeliness of tasks!

2. Events: Add Credentials or Physical address with "+".

  When creating events in hubmee, you can add an additional block credential or address regardless of the type of event.

3. Display Start & End dates of Tasks & Events within Planner.

  Events and tasks lasting more than 1 day are now displayed in the planner not only on the start day but on all days from start to finish. An additional feature: at each task and event, the start and end times are displayed.

4. Network: Open profiles of connected users in the new modal and more comfortable and user-friendly design for mobile and Desktop + Edit role.

  The profile of added users can now be opened in a convenient tab without going to the page. If desired, you can edit contacts right there.

5. Settings: New design for Hubs. 

6. Promo: A new page with the info about the upcoming Professional Hub.

  Updated page with a detailed description and screenshots of all the features that will be available in the Professional package.

7. New Sign-up flow: "Choose a HUB",  "Invite Friends",  "Connect a card".

  At the registration stage, you can choose the most convenient package and invite friends with whom you want to share convenient management of tasks and events.