Everyone knows that a student's life can be very busy. Sometimes it is challenging to merge all areas of life: relationships, friends, and most importantly, studying. And it’s crucial to remember your needs and take care of your mental state. 

Keeping up with everything and being the best student is possible. Can you believe it? The secret is that you need to learn how to plan your time. Today, one of hubmee users, Amanda, is eager to share her own story.

My personality

   I am a 24- year-old medical student. I chose this specialty because I have always been interested in helping people and accepting new challenges. In my free time from studying, I like to read books. They help me find a lot of useful information for myself and assist with self-growth. Also, I try to keep fit, so I go to the gym.

What inspires me

   When I think about what inspires and motivates me to move forward, I always think of my parents. My parents are doctors, and they have always been an example to me. They are the biggest inspiration for learning and gaining new knowledge. I dream of becoming not only a good doctor, but also a professional in my field.

Studying isn’t easy, but with hubmee everything is possible

   I encounter many problems while studying. Each time they are different: from a large amount of information to the organization of the educational process. After all, it is important to develop a study schedule for exams and modules. It’s one of the keys to success. And the second important factor is a reliable assistant. In my case, it is my indispensable hubmee friend that makes my studies easier. I use it during training and every day to schedule various meetings, as well as to make a list of important reminders and errands for the day.

My wishes 

  Leave some free time for yourself. It’s very important to take care of your mental health and not lose your vital energy. Everyday activities, especially training, take up a lot of your internal resources, so it's worth finding time to recover and hubmee will help you with this. This amazing platform has never let me down. Thanks to hubmee, I always remember to allocate time for myself.

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With love, hubmee