How to turn reading into a habit

    Books and articles are boundless sources of knowledge and the hardest thing to focus on at the same time. A lack of the skill to focus on one thing for an extended period of time is just fine. Multiple online distractions, overthinking, and excessive workload occupying the reader's mind won't give a chance to stay concentrated and develop a reading habit. So, don't be so hard on yourself when it happens. Just for our readers, we've done some research and found many ways to turn reading into a habit. 

Where to start?

   For inexperienced readers, we have a fairly short list:

  • Be intrigued. Think of topics you are really interested in. What do you usually discuss with friends? Which movie genres do you prefer? Ask people about their favorite books and why they like them. Then make a list and google some recommendations. 

  • It’s ok to quit. If the book you’ve chosen didn’t meet your expectations - just leave it. Perhaps it’s not the right time, not your author or genre. You don’t have to waste your time on things that bore you.

  • Avoid distractions. Mute your phone notifications or turn on vibrate mode. It’s hard enough to stay focused without the sound of notifications. You can also ask your roommates to not disturb you, at least during the next hour. Say it in a friendly way, and they’ll understand.

  • Set an hour of reading. Try to read at different times of the day. It'll help you figure out a convenient time. So you can form your schedule based on reading hours too. hubmee will help you with this task.

  • Read a few books at a time. My personal experience shows that I just can’t read less than 3 books at once. They should be different genres and include fiction and non-fiction. For example, now I’m passionate about: “Emotional Design”, “Harry Potter: the goblet of fire”, “Pride & Prejudice” and Pablo Picasso’s biography.

  • This advice won’t necessarily suit you. You can pave your own path toward the goal. Our team will be thrilled to receive a message from you and discover a new approach from a different perspective.

Who says that you necessarily have toread books?

  Some people don’t want to sit still for a long time but force themselves to spend the whole evening reading. You know what? There is no need to. It's not a secret that different book formats have the same price as paper options, and some of them are even available for free. Sure, maybe you prefer to read paper editions or e-books. But you also can listen to online audiobooks or podcasts that summarize great books. Audio formats don’t diminish the book’s value. 


   Perfect choice for runners, people who like walking alone or who spend a lot of time driving. Also, for those who can't stand sitting in the same position for a long time. Since reading takes some time to dive into the atmosphere and concentrate on the described topic, listening allows you to speed the process up. It also can be easily connected to most of your tasks. You can continue listening to your audiobook if the other tasks don’t require much of your attention. Talking about narrators, they can enhance the story's flow and feel. Multiple narrators are impersonating different characters or sub-plots, which makes the book even more enjoyable.


   If you've heard and even listened to podcasts about books, where speakers discuss characters, the author's biography, favorite moments, and sometimes argue when their opinions differ - props to you, then! That's awesome. So many great books exist, and you can't possibly read all of them. Some authors create a great story, but only when you summarize it shortly. That's just how it is. Naked truth. And, if you have never listened to such a podcast, I am so envious because I remember my first time, and it was a fantastic experience. 

Paper books

   Classy! To be into paper editions is not a challenging task when you understand its aesthetic. Enjoy the process of buying new books, give a gift to yourself. Remember, you deserve it. Speaking of old editions, they seem to tell a great story from the first sight. Their covers are usually art pieces, and the older the better. Make the atmosphere work for you: a comfy chair with a soft blanket or a bunch of pillows on the floor; just make sure it is comfortable and inviting. It is also essential that the space has good lighting, so you don’t strain your eyes. Warm light is the perfect option to complete the mood. Just let reading be your way to relax and recharge. Add to this a cup of your favorite drink and a snack, and you won’t be able to imagine life without reading. 



   eBooks are tied with paper editions for the first place in popularity. However, eBooks are more portable and lightweight, making them easy to carry around. A single device is enough to read any number of books you want. Students benefit the most from it as they don’t have to carry a heavy bag filled with books every day. It allows the user to store plenty of books on the device, way more than anyone can read in their lifetime,. wWhich I can’t say about the paper option. You can share the eBook contents with multiple users. The social feature on the eBook allows sharing and liking of content, which is not possible with printed books. But in defense of paper books, I should say that I love to give my close friends an actual book they can hold in their hands and I like to receive books as well. This way, I show my friends how much I care about them. 

Getting into the habit

   Now you know everything you need to make reading books a constant in your life. So you should schedule your time for reading or listening (whatever you choose) to not hammer yourself with thoughts like, - “I should not forget about reading ”. The thought is overwhelming, and it can even discourage from reading. Same thing with a guilty feeling when you nevertheless forget. The solution is simple: 

  1. Set the task in hubmee and name it as you wish. For example, “Reading hour” or the book name.

  2. Choose a time range, and don’t forget to put a check near “Recurrence” to dedicate an hour for reading daily. This simple trick helps to develop a habit.

  3. Choose a place in the string “location” and add some description, if needed. You can write a small reminder to set an atmosphere.

  4. Enjoy every next book!

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