Planning and organizing events, regardless of their scope and scale, is not for the faint-hearted. There are so many issues to solve and details to consider that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and abandon the endeavor altogether. Don’t fret hubmee has got your back! With hubmee, event planning will be fun and easy. Read on to find out why.

hubmee: the best tool for organizing events

   hubmee offers an extensive selection of event planning tools and features that make the entire journey from idea to execution a complete breeze. So, let’s say you decided to organize your birthday party (yay!). Here’s how you’ll do it in hubmee.

  1. Go to the Events tab and click to create a new event.

  1. Fill in some details about your event: 

  • Name of the event. You can be as creative as you want!

  • Your role: are you the organizer or the guest?

  • Select event type: is it an online or an in-person event? In case of an online event, you can add a link for participants to join. Our example is an in-person event, so you can add the physical address and the map will pop up.

  • Add event description. Again, you can be as creative/funny/expressive as you’d like! You can also engage with your guests in the comment section.

  • Next, add the date & time of the event

  • Don’t forget to invite your guests. You can do it directly through hubmee.

  • Last but not least, save the event you’ve just created. Voila! 

  1. Now, you can explore additional features and tabs that will make your event an absolute success.

  • Checklist: here you can create any kind of checklist you need. For example, as an organizer you can come up with a checklist listing snacks & drinks that should be purchased for the party. Then, cross items off the list once you or your guests buy them. 

  • Notes: add any thoughts/questions/ideas about the event. Dress code, decorations, dietary restrictionsyou name it.

  • Comments: you and your guests can exchange any comments you may have, from stating how excited you are about the party to sharing music preferences and everything in between.

  • There’s also a very useful built-in messenger feature. So, you can not only organize an event, but also chat with all your guests and discuss any pressing issues, all in one place. How convenient! Guests can also mark whether they are attending the event or not.

Solve your organizational hurdles with hubmee

   As you can see, hubmee delivers a simple, stress-free, no-brainer path to the perfect event. Here’s how hubmee will help you overcome the most common obstacles when planning and organizing any kind of events.

  1. Maybe you’re an extremely social person and your parties are attended by many guests. How do you communicate with them all? People use different messaging apps, some are not good at checking their phones, others constantly miss your calls. With hubmee event tool, everything you need will be conveniently located in one place, including group chats with all your guests.

  2. When organizing events and parties, we often end up writing endless lists: what to buy, what to bring, how to budget, etc. Some of those lists are scribbled on a piece of paper, others are saved somewhere on our phones, and eventually we risk losing or misplacing everything and starting all over again. With hubmee, all your essential event checklists will be at your fingertips, properly organized and sorted. No need to frantically search for that tiny piece of paper with your notes.

  3. Some of your guests might miss the event invite altogether, and you won’t even know about it.  hubmee lets all the guests choose their status: whether they are attending, still thinking about it, or definitely not coming. No need to reach out to each guest individually to ask if they’ll be there or notparticipants can clearly communicate their decision in just one single click. 

  4. How many of us couldn’t find the link to an important online event and ended up skipping the event or being super late? Most likely, everyone. Oftentimes, we need to dig through our emails and messages to find that coveted link. When you create an online event in hubmee, the link is attached to the event and is there to stay, so it’s super easy to find it.

  5. What’s the most important part of any event or party? That’s right, sharing and going through the photos after. Usually, event photos are spread out across multiple group chats, flash drives, and emails and many precious snaps simply disappear, never to be found. Thanks to hubmee Event feature, all your photos will be safely stored in one place and everyone who attended the event will be able to browse through them at any time.

Event planning doesn’t have to be scary, stressful and intimidating. With hubmee, it can be fun and effortless! Enjoy organizing your next event or party with hubmee.

With love, your hubmee family ❤️