How to manage your thoughts in the morning

How to manage your thoughts in the morning

How to manage your thoughts in the morning

   You open your eyes in the morning, check the time on your phone, and what do you think about? Can you remember at least one thought? For most people, it's an impossible task. Our brain can't keep up with all of our unique ideas, daily worries, grocery lists, etc., only by its efforts. So, our goal is to show you the importance of managing your thoughts right after waking up. Sending your thoughts in the right direction is essential if you want to start your day right. As we choose our clothes to feel comfortable and confident, the same way our point of view defines our personality, level of productivity, and ability to create. 


Calm morning

   First things first, start the day with an hour only for yourself. Eating breakfast in a quiet, tranquil atmosphere helps set the mood for the whole day and direct your mind where it needs to be. If you live alone, try to put your phone aside and be pleased to meet a new version of yourself, the one who's not agreeing or arguing with somebody's opinion on Instagram or Twitter, but the person with their own point of view. And if you live with your relatives, you should devote at least 15-20 minutes to being fully present with them. You can try to make any ritual your own personal tradition; kill two birds with one stone. These seemingly small things are really empowering. For most of us, morning routines are often overlooked and underrated, so we can all agree with the expression that self-care is the key to success.

Stay productive

   We've already learned how to become calmer thinkers at the start of the day. Now we will discuss where you should guide your thoughts to. Imagine the life you want to live; think calmly and breathe deeply. There's no need to rush. Try to visualize what you prefer to keep in your life and what to put behind it, bring together all the activities you have, and try different combinations of their places in your daily schedule. Which of them gives you more energy? And after which do you need some time to recover? You should definitely prioritize the first ones to have enough energy for all items on your to-do list.

Create working timetable

   The next step is writing a full-fledged to-do list for the following day, week and month, maybe even for the next few months, to see everything together, soberly assess your capabilities, and think of how much time you need to do things properly without missing any existing deadlines. In most cases, we have enough time to do everything we need, but improper time management leads to inadequate work & life balance.

Starting point

   The last but not least step on the way to your goal is making your brain remember about the goal's existence. There are two different ways: complex and simple. Right after waking up, open your schedule and instantly get tired again because of the large amount of errands for the day, or you can choose a more manageable way bycreating a reminder on hubmee as a wake-up call. Write a short 1-2 sentence description of your upcoming events or tasks, use keywords from your job\studying area, or greet yourself with some compliments to start the day on a productive note.

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