We’ve all been there: holiday season sneaks up unexpectedly and we start frantically searching for ideal Christmas presents for our friends and loved ones. Year after year, we scratch our heads for days on end trying to think of something special. In this article, you’ll find some tips that will hopefully simplify your decision making process and help find that ideal Christmas present for everyone on your list.

Give an Experience

   Who said that a Christmas gift has to be a physical object? Instead of giving your wife or best friend another seemingly useless item that will end up collecting dust, why not give them an exciting experience to collect new precious memories that will last a lifetime? It could be tickets to see their favorite comedian, a luxurious spa experience, or even plane tickets - possibilities are endless! If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the options and are not sure what to choose, take a peek at their hubmee photo gallery to get some ideas on what they enjoy doing in their spare time. Bonus tip: if the chosen experience doesn’t have a specific date, pick one. That way the recipient doesn’t have to deal with tedious scheduling and feels more motivated to go through with it.

Make It Yourself

   We can all agree that a unique, personalized gift created with the recipient in mind makes an ideal Christmas present. Perhaps you can create a one-of-a-kind piece of art, knit a scarf or a sweater, write a poem, or create a fun collage of printed photos of you and the person receiving the gift. It may be more time consuming, but will surely leave a lasting impression for years to come. Just make sure you have some free time in your busy schedule to commit to such a gift. You can use your hubmee calendar to organize your time to ensure the gift will be ready by Christmas.

Make Lists and Do Some Brainstorming

   Here’s a more practical approach. Write down everything you know about the person, their most prominent qualities, personality traits, interests, hobbies, etc. Make the list as detailed as you can. Then, write down gift ideas that match what you’ve written. Somewhere along those lines you’ll find that ideal Christmas present! hubmee can also help you on your quest to find that perfect gift. In a profile, you can find useful information about the person that will help you make a decision: everything from their marital status to shoe size and favorite sports.With all this information at your fingertips, picking the wrong gift is practically impossible 😎


   Christmas is all about giving and spreading joy, so donating to a cause your friend or loved one is passionate about could be an ideal Christmas present. If they adore animals, you can donate to a local animal rescue or a shelter. If they are avid environmentalists, pick a charity that helps fight climate change and global warming. So, find out what cause the person is truly into and do a good deed.

Can’t Go Wrong with the Classics

   If you don’t know the person well, choosing something classic and traditional is a good idea. A bottle of nice wine, gourmet chocolate or exquisite dessert, professionally arranged flowers with a personal note, assorted teas or high-grade coffee - all these gifts are universally loved and appreciated. Adding a thoughtful handwritten note will be a sweet cherry on top of your lovely Christmas present.

    Christmas is a joyful time to be with the people you love; however, shopping for ideal Christmas presents can dim some of that joy. We hope our little guide will help relieve stress and anxiety associated with gift giving, so you can fully enjoy the holiday season.

   Happy holidays from your hubmee family! ❤️