How to be a valuable employee

How to be a valuable employee

Have you ever considered that you might be more than just a regular employee? Do you often feel that your work is underestimated by colleagues or the boss? Do you want your efforts to be noticed by others? If so, congratulations! You've reached a new level of work experience. The fact that you want your work to matter is an excellent indicator of your personal growth. The next step is to create both a simple and effective strategy for reaching the goal. Fortunately, hubmee has a solution. So, let's tackle this together.

Make your work noticeable

   Keeping the scope of your workload in your head is challenging, but you don't have to. You should create 2 checklists for the next week or two. Write down all job responsibilities according to your position and count the tasks you deal with during working hours. This is what you need the first checklist for.

   The second checklist is meant to show the number of tasks you help your colleagues with and any extra duties that are not directly related to your field of work, however, you do them too. When people start to count every task, it helps them to see the whole picture and gain some confidence. You'll be surprised how much you have on your shoulders. 


Talk about your efforts

   Don’t ever think that mentioning your work is the same thing as showing off. Your efforts have to be shown to others. There is no other way. Nobody asks you to sugarcoat anything or complain about your work. Use dry facts. Start having this kind of conversation with your friends, ask about their experience at work, and don't forget to share yours with them. Practice until you feel comfortable. Then test your new skills at the workplace. Remember that your colleagues are peopletoo, and they most likely want to have the same talk but don't know where to start. So, take it easy. You can always turn everything into a joke, even if it doesn’t work out on the first try. 

Final boss

   It’s no surprise that your boss just wants the work to be done. So give him what he wants. Tell him about your results, compare your past and present selves, show the statistics. Every manager likes when employees take initiative and are proactive. Taking the first step is always challenging, but once you get past that, it’s smooth sailing.

Value yourself

   The advice given above won't work if you don't value yourself. Your self-confidence is key. If you don't feel so yet - pretend. Pretending to be confident is halfway to actually being it. It's a famous trick that works with every goal you want to achieve. Remember, consistency is your faithful companion. You won't even notice when feelings of confidence and self-value will become a regular part of your life.

   Going back to the practical aspects, you can write checklists right here on hubmee in our brand new and totally free tool — To-Do. Enjoy crossing out completed tasks (my favorite option), add emojis to the title and share your checklists with people from your Network. By the way, the Network tool on hubmee is free, too. 

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