Green Power

  No, we are not going to talk about how strong the Marvel character Hulk is or how to drink absinthe. Instead, today's topic is our planet’s fragile environment. On a daily basis, we hear upsetting news about global climate change, deforestation, and the declining population of different animal species. Though many people sincerely want to help the environment, they don't yet know how. That's why we’ve put together some useful tips for you on how to help the Earth. No strenuous efforts from your side, yet a significant positive outcome for the environment.

Less paperwork

  Paperwork is associated with routine tasks and no desire to do any of them. It has nothing good to do with the environment either. Papermaking is directly tied to logging activities and global warming. Furthermore, all carefully written documents and paperwork can be destroyed in seconds with the help of any liquid (or fire!). All the precious work you've done will instantly disappear, which creates even more need to cut down the trees. Seems like a vicious circle, doesn’t it? It really is. That's why the world's most progressive companies switched to storing all their data in digital form. If the company you work for still needs paper, we recommend you start with yourself, as did our employees. They began creating timelines and sharing important work documents electronically via various apps.

Your green alternative

  If you are still using notebooks to write down your schedule, it’s merely a habit and you can always form a new one! Don't be so hard on yourself – old patterns are not easy to change. We are here not to scold you, but to show you an alternative, such as phone apps. Notes, apps for drawing, calendar apps for creating schedules, etc. Every day we have limitless access to information resources right on our devices. Literally, any data can be sent, saved, and edited on your smartphone or laptop. You don't even have to remember to take a notebook with you because it’s already in your device, one thing you won't leave your home without 99% of the time. Phone apps also save a lot of space in your bag. But still, people are buying notebooks and pens to write their schedules, ideas, and essential or random thoughts. That’s because they don't know about an app where they can create a schedule, build a roadmap, set meetings, plan trips and holidays, add photos, and leave comments on tasks. And the cherry on top - where users can delete or archive any event or assignment with no material litter left behind. We bet a paper-based notebook can't do even half of that. Turns out the app wins, and we finally can reveal its name (as though you haven’t already recognized the best planner ever).

Of course, it’s hubmee - multifunctional software, which not only benefits your personal and professional lives. hubmee went even further - it protects the environment.