Have you ever experienced an unusually high level of sadness, apathy, and emotional fatigue in the fall? There is a reason for this.

 Due to shorter days and longer nights, the nervous system wears out more easily, which leads to feelings of fatigue and melancholy. There is also another interesting fact.

With the onset of winter, daylight hours become even shorter than, for example, September, but at this time of the year, people are mostly happier. Whereas in the spring, despite abundant sunshine and blooming trees, people would expect to feel more joy as well, but it’s not the case.

 Our cultural upbringing may play a role in this. From the early years of our lives, we were taught that autumn was gray, cold and rainy. These associations turned into an annual pattern: "Autumn has come, so we must be sad!". It is very important to take care of your mental health and not miss any changes in your body in order to avoid depression.

How to feel joy when you are already exhausted, sad, and emotionally drained? 

 First of all, you should pay attention to your physical fitness. How can you help your body deal with seasonal changes? Of course, physical exercises are still very important. The arrival of cold weather does not mean we have to abandon our active lifestyle. It's time to change up your fitness game to incorporate activities that are more suitable for indoors, such as yoga. You will have at least one more reason to add new fitness photos to your hubmee gallery and inspire your friends!

 Second, try to spruce up your surroundings. It's time to buy new bedding for your bedroom! Redecorate the place where you spend the most time. Various design elements and cozy blankets will help you with this. You can even come up with a fun autumn-themed task for yourself — to create a cozy sanctuary at home that will cheer you up all season long. 

 The next important step is to review your diet. It should be adapted for the fall season. Our body needs amino acids to produce serotonin. In order to get them, you should eat mushrooms, bananas, oats, dates, nuts, and especially animal protein since it contains tryptophan — the crucial element for serotonin synthesis. Use these ingredients when making breakfast and don’t forget to arrange your food neatly to spark more positive emotions to start your day.

 Next, try aromatherapy. In addition to enhancing your surroundings, you can delight yourself with comforting fragrances. Aroma lamps, aroma diffusers, or aroma sticks are great for this.

And finally, focus on personal growth and development, and learning something new. After accomplishing a goal, set a new one. Make your goals achievable so you can get an extra boost of motivation every time you meet one. Think about what your ideal day would look like and what interests would you have if you had an unlimited amount of money and resources. Is it possible to incorporate any of this into your daily schedule right now? Define your interests and come up with an action plan by creating your own daily checklists in hubmee. 

Take care of yourself with hubmee ❤️