Being a mother is a job too

Choosing to become a mother is an immense responsibility and happens to be an extremely time-consuming undertaking. We are beyond proud of mothers all over the world. Your amazing ability to do everything and be everywhere at once inspires us. People who erroneously view motherhood as not a real job were never in a mother's shoes, and we aim to demonstrate the difficulty of being a parent. 

Mission: Be everywhere

When you've finally chosen your preferred type of physical activity to support your health, found a qualified coach you feel comfortable with, and synched the training schedule with your child's painting lessons, there is one small thing left: to be everywhere on time. The trivial task of leaving home in due course while having kids becomes mission impossible. So, we have simple but effective advice. While creating a schedule for the following day, shift everything 1 hour forward. It leaves you more time to resolve unexpected problems (all parents know there will be plenty of those). The ability to get yourself and your child ready with no need to rush, however paradoxical it may sound, creates more time. A proper family organizer saves parents' nerves and helps them live their life without worries about permanent tardiness. For example, if your child wakes up around 9 am, then spare time for yourself is better reserved until 8:30 am to avoid any rush if your kid wakes up earlier. Parents want to believe their sweet child will get ready courteously in one hour with no drama. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. That's why the rule of shifting your schedule 1 hour forward is a good solution. Experienced time management analysts always calculate potential risks and have a "plan b" to avoid most of them. 

Mom’s schedule 

Canceled plans are just as fine too

We know how important it is to finish all the tasks you've planned for the day. It fulfills the human ego and elevates one’s mood. And it is also totally fine to have some tasks left unfinished. Being a mother is already a great responsibility, so please don't be too hard on yourself. We kindly recommend you have days off when needed to regain your strength and motivation. So, even when the day's schedule consists of lying in bed and watching TV shows or walking around the neighborhood, you should not blame yourself. Productivity is not only about things you've accomplished during the day or week - it is about doing them properly and having enough energy. We know that everyone’s daily schedule is different and hubmee will have your back no matter what.