Since our days at school, we have known that concentration skills are integral to the learning process. Now, we have to be focused during workdays. However, we have yet to learn what to do when we face focus issues. How to find a way out of the situation when the deadline is approaching and you’re not ready? How to keep everything under control? We tend to believe that the problem is us. In reality, the root of the problem lies in multiple distractions after all. So, the hubmee team did some research to understand this issue and find an effective solution. 

   In order to know how to focus better, you have to understand what distracts you. Only then you’ll learn how to solve the problem.


What type of distractions we face at work

  1. Phone notifications

  2. Lack of inspiration

  3. External noise

  4. Good weather

  5. Sleep deprivation

Below, we'll dive deeper into each one of these issues and then find ways to solve them one by one.

  1.  We chat with our friends, read online newspapers and spend our time watching funny videos on YouTube to rest from work. We can't imagine our life without smartphones. I'm not going to lecture you about harm caused by smartphone use (as though I'm not guilty of spending hours watching "Bridgerton" or scrolling through my Instagram feed). The only major thing distracting us is notifications. We tend to think that concentration issues are mainly experienced only by children. People are curious creatures at any age, and we can't help it. Curiosity flows in our veins. That's what makes us so easily distracted. However, the solution is simpler than you think - turn off notifications. Don't turn off your phone or bring the volume down. Such actions will make you check your phone even more. So, to improve focus, you have to choose notifications worth reading during your work hours and turn others off. 

  1. Everybody has bad days. It's just how life works. What can you do about that? Don’t force yourself to work on a task you need inspiration for. I’m sure one day won’t change anything. Better concentrate on things you can deal with now. Direct your efforts to complete at least one simple assignment. It’ll certainly elevate your mood. Then remind yourself how cool you are and say thanks to that person in the mirror, who didn’t give up no matter how difficult it was.

  1.    Even when you are excited about work and your phone doesn’t disturb you, there are always your bustling colleagues or roommates and a multitude of outside noises, including cars, barking dogs, loud music, crying kids, etc. These things are not only distracting but could drive even the calmest person crazy. So, better care about your mental health and think ahead: politely ask your colleagues to speak quieter or use noise canceling headphones. For me, music is my savior. It helps me focus on writing because I get easily distracted both by noises and complete silence. 

  1.    If good weather could be the reason to skip work, I'd be on cloud nine. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The best advice I can give is twofold: to have a good rest over the weekend and to set some time to walk outside. You'll be surprised how your attitude towards weather conditions will change after a few afternoon walks. Long story short, they'll become a regular, not so thrilling thing. So, all you have to do is trust the process. You’ll be able to work under any weather conditions.

  1. Nobody can make you think of your quarterly report if all you can think about is how not to fall asleep. So, you have to sleep well to improve concentration. For people who just can’t fall asleep the minute they go to bed - put your phone aside. Don’t use any devices for at least 15 minutes before you want to go to bed. Social media content and movies excite our nervous system, leading us to sleepless nights and lack of concentration, even for simple tasks. 

Activities to improve attention and concentration

  • Listen to music while working. Or create the atmosphere of complete silence. The main point is to work in comfortable conditions.

  • Allocate a specific amount of time to each task. Help your future self.

  • Set boundaries. Don’t let anyone or anything jeopardize your attention, especially when you have work to do.

  • Frequent walks outside. Use your lunch time productively.

  • Mental and physical health engagement. Start caring about your health before it starts bothering you.

Always keep in mind that everybody constantly faces focus issues, lack of inspiration, and desire to stay home, doing literally nothing. So, don’t be so hard on yourself. Instead, have some rest when you need it. Remember, you deserve the best.