Family Tree

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It’s a big gift to have a family you can rely on who provide love and support. The Family Tree is a place where you can have all your important people with their pictures, dates, and your relationship with them.
Begin to discover, share and preserve your family history.

Kids accounts

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Information Access and Permissions
Activities, health, schools, gifts, clothing sizes, and documents are all things we can easily lose track of. Now you can create personal profiles for your kids and have everything in place, while maintaining exclusive access.

Family Events and Tasks

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Family tasks
Our warmest memories are always about time spent together. Bigger families makes planning important events even more stressful. Whether it's a huge celebration, family vacations, or grocery shopping, even preparation becomes fun and enjoyable.

Group Files and Documents

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Files Storage
It’s hard to imagine all of your documents organized and secured in one place. you don’t need to dream any longer. Birth certificates, SSN, diplomas, IDs, passports, insurances, drivers licenses, prescriptions, you name it - all in one place. Safe. Encrypted. Available 24/7.

Collaborative Ownership

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Shared Use
Hassling with duplicate entries can get burdensome, so gain shared accessibility with a co-partner and choose to share your mutual items (home, car, etc.) while retaining individual hubs instead of creating copies. Choose what to share, view, and edit with your co-partner.
Collaborative Ownership